Regulation of groundwater

Changhua County Dacheng Township Aquaculture Fishery Seawater Supply Plan

The coastal areas of Dacheng Township in Changhua County are restricted by the location and environmental conditions. The industrial development is mainly based on aquaculture fishery as the main source of economic income. The main source of income is ground water supply, and the rivers are seriously polluted. The aquaculture fisheries use groundwater as a water source. Due to the community effect of aquaculture fisheries, a concentrated area of ​​Taiwanese clam breeding was formed in the area west of Taiwan Highway 17. Long-term excessive consumption of groundwater resources resulted in serious stratum subsidence. This project is a policy-promoted preliminary evaluation operation. It mainly considers the location conditions and people's wishes of the breeding concentrated area in the west of the 17th line of the big city and countryside, comprehensively plans and evaluates the facilities and costs of each mariculture water supply system, and researches and develops seawater. The supply system planning proposal is to guide the aquaculture industry in Dacheng area of ​​Changhua County to transform the development of marine aquaculture, adjust the proportion of freshwater aquaculture in the region, reduce the extraction of groundwater, take into account local economic development and alleviate the problem of stratum subsidence, and achieve national land security and water The goal of sustainable use of resources.
This plan is based on basic information such as the natural and human environment and regional development planning in the planned area, taking into account the development of the mariculture industry in Taiwan, the consideration factors required for the establishment of mariculture fish farms, the planning cases and the domestic related mariculture water supply system Relevant laws and regulations, etc., analyze and review the breeding environment, neighboring environmental resources, and the problems facing the development of the breeding industry in the planned area; then through in-depth interviews with existing marine aquaculture companies in the planning area, holding local seminars and handling freshwater aquaculture industry questionnaires The method is to grasp the willingness of fishermen in the planned area to cooperate, analyze the development potential and limitations of the planned area of ​​mariculture, research and propose the development of suitable fish species for mariculture in the planned area, and formulate the development goals and positioning of the planned area of ​​mariculture, and then plan Set up seawater supply areas and review the scale of demand for mariculture.
The planning of the seawater and freshwater water supply system required for the development of marine aquaculture in the planning area is through the evaluation of water intake and water distribution methods, facility planning and configuration, and hydrological calculations, and the development of aquaculture fishery water supply plans in the planning area and an estimate of its location Funds are required; in addition, considering the fact that the planned area has not yet reached a consensus on the promotion of marine aquaculture and the relevant fishery construction funds are limited, the 40-hectare area within the planned area is selected as the preliminary demonstration area, and the demonstration area will be transformed into seawater. After aquaculture, the water supply range will be expanded to the long-term target of 120 hectares, in order to help the central and local fishery administrations prepare budgets to promote this plan.
The development of the seawater water supply system in the planning area is recommended to be handled in phases. It should be divided into two phases. The first phase handles the planning, design and construction of the seawater and fresh water supply system in the demonstration area. The total cost is about three years. 45 million yuan; until the mariculture area in the demonstration area is saturated, the second phase of the planning, design and construction of the seawater and freshwater supply system will be processed in four years to expand the scope of water supply. The additional funding required is about 200 million 98 million yuan. The promotion of this plan can not only assist the large urban and rural aquaculture industry to be incorporated into the government industry guidance system and continue industrial operations, it can also effectively reduce groundwater pumping, raise groundwater levels, slow down stratum subsidence, and achieve the purpose of land resource conservation.
The plan comprehensively evaluates the current status of breeding in the planned area, the intentions of the breeding people and related policies, laws and regulations, and the budgetary restrictions of fishery units. It is recommended that the promotion of marine aquaculture production areas be promoted in order, production area preparation, and production area planning. , And five stages of gradual promotion of public facilities construction and production area operation. In addition, considering the urgent needs of the people in the planned area and the urgent need to prevent stratum subsidence in large urban and rural areas, it is recommended that the fishery administration authorities actively overcome the relevant laws and regulations and funding restrictions, and obtain a consensus on the development of marine aquaculture by the fish farmers in the planned area. Facilities construction and improvement work.