Regulation of groundwater

Evaluation of the benefits of water-saving facilities for breeding and investigation and review of the water supply and drainage system for breeding

This work is aimed at the households receiving the subsidy of the circulating aquaculture system, tracking the normal use of the farmers after the equipment is built, and comprehensively integrating the problems encountered and related suggestions. After most farmers use circulating water aquaculture equipment, they give positive comments on the improvement of water quality and the effect of water saving. Although the circulating water aquaculture system has been promoted by nearly 1,000 households, it is based on breeding habits, input costs and convenient operation. For various factors, simple circulating aquaculture systems are still more accepted.
Some farmers believe that recirculating aquaculture can shorten the production period and increase production, while others believe that the difference is not significant. The reason may be related to various factors such as breeding species, area, environment, habits, stocking density and equipment configuration.
In addition, due to the lack of separation of the supply and drainage systems in some aquaculture production areas, the drainage channels in the area often fail to fully function. This year, the production areas of Hanbao and Wanggong in Changhua County and Yongan Aquaculture and Fishery Production Areas in Kaohsiung County that have frequently reported such problems have been carried out Investigation of the current situation of water supply and drainage in the area, in conjunction with on-site visits and comprehensive problems, research and suggestions for solutions and countermeasures, with the premise of taking into consideration flood discharge during flood seasons and water demand for aquaculture in the area, and recommendations for river or drainage road reconstruction and engineering content.