Pumping wells

Type of pump

Main form (1)Movable pump
IntroductionThis type of pump is mainly distinguished by the flow direction of the liquid.
classificationAxial flowMixed flowCentrifugal  flowRegenerative flow
DescriptionThe liquid flow direction is parallel to the shaft, and its head is produced by the force of the blades.The mixed-flow type can discharge liquid in the radial and axial directions at the same time in the scroll-type casing, and its head is a combination of the discharge process.Also known as a moving impeller pump, the impeller is installed on the rotating shaft, and the liquid is automatically sucked into the moving impeller from the center of the impeller under high-speed rotation, and is thrown out under the influence of centrifugal force.The main characteristic of the regenerative type is low capacity and high head.
Main form (2)Water discharge pump
IntroductionThe main feature of this design is that a certain amount of liquid will be discharged for each revolution and each stroke.
DescriptionThe cylinder is driven by steam or electricity to produce reciprocating operation, producing the action of sucking in and discharging liquid.The operation method is similar to the reciprocating type, usually gears, blades or spiral rotors are used. After the liquid is sucked in at high speed, a certain amount of liquid is discharged at each revolution. The operation method is relatively stable and does not have significant pressure changes. .