Land beautician ~ talk about how the subsidence area becomes a tourist attraction

【Course Introduction】
The coastal area of Tainan County has stopped salt production due to the land conversion of lagoons, coupled with the outflow of young and strong populations, and the serious aging of the population, which has caused urban and rural development to be a bottleneck. The county government uses the unique ecology of the coastal environment and local culture to develop the blue road in the interior. And conception. This plan integrates tourism resources in the coastal area of Tainan County, integrates land and sea transportation services, and establishes a tourism service center to improve the accessibility of sightseeing. At the same time, middle-aged and senior fishermen can smoothly transition to a tertiary industry, increase employment opportunities, reduce the consumption of fresh water resources, and strengthen ecological conservation and sustainable development. The course also introduces how to use comprehensive water control measures to move the Tainan Lagoon's inland inland to cause flooding crisis, and to control and avoid serious flooding in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the coastal estuary.
【Course Lecturer】
Director Peng Shaobo, currently at the Water Resources Bureau of Tainan County Government