Diligent governance and success in ten years~Introduction of "Concrete Solution and Action Plan for Stratigraphic Subsidence in Yunzhang Area"

【Course Title】
【Course Introduction】
In order to ensure homeland security and mitigate the impact of stratum subsidence on the high-speed rail, under the leadership of Government Councilor Li Hongyuan and the Economic Development Council, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Transport and the Council of Agriculture and other authorities jointly discussed and proposed "Yun Zhang The specific solution and action plan for regional stratum subsidence", which includes 4 major aspects, 9 major work priorities and 32 specific solutions. The first class is the deputy head of the hydrological technology group of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Zeng Junmin, explaining the connotation of the plan , To enable industry management personnel to understand the focus and policy of the current stage of prevention and control work.
【Course Lecturer】
Zeng Junmin, Deputy Team Leader, Water Resources Department, Ministry of Economic Affairs