Methods of measuring pumping quantities

Measure the flow rate based on the relationship between electricity consumption and pumping volume (volume method)

(1) First establish the correspondence table between the numbers of the four pumping measuring instruments, including the electronic water meter, the electronic electric meter, the Taipower meter and the pumping motor hoist recorder, and the well ID. Find the relevant empirical formula of (2).

(2) Formula setting of hydropower ratio/pumping flow

   At present, the system provides a "manual" setting mode for the ratio of water to electricity and pumping flow, that is, after selecting counties, cities, towns, urban areas, and pipe diameters (inches) at the inner edge of the outlet, you can set the ratio of water to electricity (M3/electricity) and pumping by yourself The value of the flow rate (M3/hour).The default value of the pipe diameter (inch) of the inner edge of the outlet is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, including 16 kinds of pipe diameters. As for the water-to-electricity ratio (M3/power) and pumping flow (M3/hour), the values ​​can be empty or ≥0. When the value is empty, no related numerical calculations will be performed.

(3) When the hydropower ratio equation is established, the system will provide another "formula" setting mode

   The system will obtain the basic parameters of the water well through the basic database of the water well, and then calculate the water-to-electricity ratio by the corresponding formula. The system will also consider that after a certain period of time, the conversion formula may need to be re-calibrated to correspond to the update of the hydropower ratio. The "formula" setting plan for the hydropower ratio. First select the year and county and city, select the corresponding variable based on the table and fill in the parameter value of the variable. The system will calculate the hydropower ratio according to the following formula:

Hydropower ratio=W00+W01×V01+W02×V02+…+W09×V09 (see the table below)

The selection of variables is based on the available fields contained in the well database, which currently include: meter constant, turntable speed, pump equipment type, pipe diameter of the inner edge of the water outlet (inch), pipe diameter of the inner edge of the water outlet (inch), power (Power), the diameter of the outer edge of the wellhead (inches) and the depth of the well (meters), etc. 8 items. As to which variables should be selected, they are introduced based on the results of another case this year.

"Formula" setting plan for the ratio of water to electricity


Variable (field) name




W00(input value)



W01(input value)



W02(input value)



W03(input value)



W04(input value)



W05(input value)



W06(input value)



W07(input value)



W08(input value)



W09(input value)

Refer to "Groundwater Well Management Practice Promotion Plan"