What does the government do to prevent and control stratum subsidence at this stage?

1. At this stage, the stratum subsidence prevention strategy has been evaluated and divided into two main axes: "prevention" and "governance". For areas with severe stratum subsidence, treatment engineering methods are adopted to improve the quality of living environment, while preventing continuous stratum subsidence and expanding the impact. . The Headquarters (Water Resources Department) actively develops alternative water sources, such as Hushan Reservoir, Dadu Barrage, and Bird's Mouth Barrage, in accordance with its business powers and responsibilities, to increase the supply of ground water, reduce the pumping of groundwater, and handle the management of groundwater conservation. "Plan (98-103)", with the goal of preventing stratum subsidence and conserving the groundwater environment, subsidizing the Pingtung County Government to implement the "Pingtung County Land Subsidence Land Rehabilitation Plan-Da Chaozhou Groundwater Recharge Lake Phase 1 Project Implementation Plan" “Drawing” and actively promote the planning of groundwater replenishment projects such as the stagnant water facilities of Zhuoshui River’s Lower Shuipu section, the artificial lake of Zhuoshui River’s fan roof, and the water storage facilities of high beaches on the north bank of Zhuoshui River, strengthen the planning of groundwater recharge, and continue to monitor the ground subsidence, Groundwater level observation and groundwater survey and management work to establish long-term and complete environmental background data and grasp the dynamic information of the earth's environment as an important reference for subsequent prevention strategies and engineering facility planning. At the same time, the drainage system improvement project in low-lying areas is carried out in accordance with the "Flood Disaster Control Plan for Flooded Areas" to reduce flooding disaster losses and improve the quality of the living environment in subsidence areas. It is hoped that both symptoms and root causes can be used to effectively slow down or prevent continuous ground subsidence.
2. In order to solve the current phenomenon of illegal water wells competing to pump groundwater for agricultural breeding, irrigation, livelihood and industry, in accordance with the resolution of the 6th meeting of the "Ministry of Economics Stratigraphic Subsidence Promotion Committee" held on May 24, 2010 The implementation will be based on the principle of "filling new illegal wells immediately, and disposing of existing illegal wells in two stages", and will continue to supervise and assist municipal and county governments in the groundwater control zone to speed up the investigation and punishment of new illegal wells. And assist the local government to plan to fill existing illegal wells that should not exist or have a greater negative impact on the environment in stages, so as to control the number of illegal wells from increasing, and avoid aggravating the pumping of groundwater. At the same time, publicly-owned legal water wells located in environmentally sensitive areas are included in priority filling or migration disposal objects to reduce the continuous deterioration of ground subsidence caused by over-extraction of groundwater.
3. In addition to water resource development, groundwater conservation management, etc., the prevention and control of stratum subsidence are the business powers and responsibilities of the Ministry, and industrial adjustments and land use management are separately the powers and responsibilities of the Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of Interior. In view of the fact that the solution to the current situation of stratum subsidence involves a wide range of levels, the Executive Yuan authorized the establishment of the "Committee for the Promotion of Stratigraphic Subsidence Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Economic Affairs" on March 27, 1992 to establish a horizontal information flow channel between various executive agencies. The effectiveness of the prevention and control work cannot be demonstrated immediately, and the duties and responsibilities of the various ministries and agencies are different, and the execution priority is different. As a result, part of the prevention and control work cannot be carried out simultaneously, which sometimes affects the overall prevention and control effectiveness. In order to eliminate the business promotion standard among the various central agencies and give full play to the function of limited resource integration and effectiveness supervision and examination, the headquarter has requested the Executive Yuan to agree to raise the "stratum subsidence prevention and control promotion committee" to the executive Yuan level, in order to benefit the conservation of water and soil resources as the goal , Strengthen the effectiveness of inter-ministerial resource integration and prevention work, and promote the sustainable use of my country's water and soil environment.