What is the effectiveness of the prevention and control of stratum subsidence over the years?

In order to effectively curb stratum subsidence and the resulting disasters caused by excessive pumping of groundwater due to the unbalanced consideration of industrial development, land use and water supply in some areas for a long time, the Water Resources Department has been working with relevant units to actively promote the "stratum" Various prevention and control measures such as the Implementation Plan for Subsidence Prevention and Control, the "Groundwater Conservation Management and Stratigraphic Subsidence Prevention Plan" and the "Specific Solution and Action Plan for Subsidence in Yunzhang Area". According to the results of the stratum subsidence inspection of the Water Resources Department, the area of significant subsidence (referring to the area where the annual subsidence rate exceeds 3 cm) has decreased from 1,529.2 square kilometers in 1990 to 106.31 square kilometers in 105. The current subsidence is more obvious in the Zhangyun area. The reduction from 1,018.5 square kilometers to 106.3 square kilometers shows that the prevention and control of stratum subsidence has been effective.