Concrete solutions and action plans for stratum subsidence in Yunzhang area (2011~2020)

As of the third quarter of 2018, the main results of each work of this project are as follows::

1. Reduce agricultural water pumping

This work is sponsored by the Council of Agriculture, and the main results are as follows:

1. Three-stage suspension of legal water wells of the Changhua Yunlin Farmland Water Conservancy Association: In 2018, the Changhua Farmland Water Conservancy Association planned to dispose of 11 wells. 4 wells have been disposed of and stopped, and 7 wells have been reduced. The total amount of pumping of these 11 wells has been reduced. 1 million tons; Yunlin Farmland Water Conservancy Association has disposed of 70 wells, reducing the pumping volume by 3.2 million tons.。

2. Promote agricultural water saving and reduce pumping groundwater:

(1)Dryland water-saving pipeline irrigation facilities: Changhua area completed the promotion area of ​​about 190.5 hectares; Yunlin area completed the promotion area of ​​about 286.5 hectares, about 2.385 million tons of water can be reduced.
(2)Promoting the conversion of farmland to dry farming and flat-land afforestation: The 21st meeting of the promotion committee agreed to amend it to "promote farmland to dry farming and afforestation of 8,000 hectares." The area under the jurisdiction of Changhua County and Yunlin County from rice to dry crops is 5,680 hectares are expected to save about 45.44 million metric tons of water; the third season of 107 afforestation area of ​​18.96 hectares, about 227,500 tons of irrigation water can be reduced.
(3)Water conservation in animal husbandry and breeding: Mainly promote water conservation at the source of livestock and poultry production and recycling and reuse of livestock wastewater in Zhangyun area, and enlighten subsidized livestock farms to install source water-saving facilities and wastewater recycling facilities.
(4)Complete the improvement project of the seawater coordinated supply system in the Xialun aquaculture area to promote mariculture, and reduce the pumping of 408,000 tons of groundwater; complete the well aquaculture fishery production area in Yunlin County, and the Xiahukou aquaculture area and related aquaculture areas or fish farm concentration areas The facilities of seawater inlet and drainage channels were improved, and 462,000 tons of groundwater was reduced.

2. Results of reduction in public water use

1. In response to the guidance of industrial water pumping reduction under the jurisdiction of the Industrial Bureau of Yunzhang Prefecture, 9 manufacturers have now completed guidance, saving 491,000 tons of water per year, and the water recovery rate is 67.4%.

2. In order to give priority to the work of saving water for the people's livelihood in Zhangyun area, the 2008 appraisal operation has begun, and the monthly water consumption data of each unit is continuously collected. Yunzhang area handled the selection of excellent water-saving manufacturers. After the final selection, two manufacturers in Yunzhang area won the prize, and the two companies saved 1.66 million tons of water annually.

3. The Central District Water Resources Bureau submitted the Hushan Reservoir's third stage water level elevation plan on May 29, and the team reviewed and approved on July 25. The water level of EL.215m was gradually increased toward the full level (until mid-October to EL. .205m, effective water storage rate 75%).

4. The Niozitan artificial lake project was completed on the 25th of the 6th year and the land acquisition was completed; the barrage project was completed on July 25; the project will approve the basic design of the artificial lake project on April 10, and the detailed design is currently being processed , The contract is expected to be completed in December.

5. Zhuoshui River Channel and High Beach Groundwater Replenishment Simple Facilities Project

1. In the part of Zhuoshuixi River Channel Refilling Simple Facility Project, in 2008, based on the operating records of Jiji Barrage, rainfall, evaporation and other data, the groundwater refilling amount from January to September was estimated to be 62.5 million tons, and the 12 existing detention ponds in Yunzhang 0.531. 100 million tons, Hushan Reservoir 100.3 million tons, a total of 125.9 million tons.

2. The part of the groundwater replenishment lake in Zhuoshui River high beach land was changed to "Zhuoshui River Dust Prevention and Improvement Action Plan" beach water coverage measures (water storage ponds, water diversion and sand interception channels) in 107 as the original calculation. Alternative to painting. At present, the Fourth Rivers Bureau has obtained relevant information on beach storage ponds (including water-retaining embankment installations), water coverage measures, water diversion and sand interception channel engineering planning, construction content and other relevant materials in the aforementioned Zhuoshui River dust improvement work, and On the 9th, the site survey will be carried out, and the relevant documents and information will be collected in the follow-up, and the groundwater replenishment quantity assessment will be processed.

6. In the part of stratum subsidence monitoring, the Yunlin and Changhua regional leveling network inspections and inspection results will be completed before the end of July; 32 ground traps, 17 GPS fixed stations, and 4 deep leveling piles will be continuously processed. Maintenance of physical equipment and collection of monitoring data; In addition, the construction of 3 fixed GPS stations (Sihu Township, Baozhong Township, Dongshi Town, Yunlin County) was completed by the end of March, and the acceptance was completed by the end of May; Yunlin was completed by June Construction and acceptance of monitoring wells for 300-meter stratum subsidence in Nanguang Elementary School, Sihu Township, County.

7. The three townships of Xizhou, Pitou, and Zhutang Township in Changhua County completed the contract with the manufacturer on June 20, and asked the manufacturer to complete the number of 10,000 piped wells by the end of December; Yunlin County has been through October A total of 21,185 cases were received and 19,098 cases were completed for the completion of the legal operations of the tube wells in Wei Town, Tuku Town, and Yuanchang Township.

8. Drainage environment improvement: Changhua area has completed 0.79 kilometers by the end of September; the Pinghe flood detention pond in Yunlin area was backward in 106, due to the impact of the heavy rain on July 2nd, post-disaster restoration and work area drainage and soil resurfacing were required. The construction period to be extended is expected to be completed on February 24, 108, and the drainage road has been improved to 1.42 kilometers by the end of September.














11. Safety load management: Sponsored by the Ministry of Transportation, it will continue to supervise Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Corporation’s pier leveling measurement on the Yunlin section of the high-speed rail in October each year, and a monitoring report will be submitted in March of the following year. In addition, on January 11, 2006, the Ministry of the Interior issued the "Measures for Prohibition and Restriction of Construction on Both Sides of Railways", which effectively included the development of the Zhangyun area within 150 meters on both sides of the high-speed rail into the management. In 2008, there was no cooperation with the internal affairs. The Ministry of Construction and Construction jointly reviewed the development project along the high-speed rail in Zhangyun area. The stratigraphic monitoring from January to June 2008 has been completed near the intersection of Station 78 and the high-speed railway. The difference in compression increments at each depth station is between 0.2 and 0.7 cm, and there is no significant difference in subsidence.