Reduce groundwater pumping and increase surface water supply

(1) Saving water

A. Agricultural throttling: Promotion of water-saving facilities to reduce water demand, such as promoting marine aquaculture and aquaculture circulating water facilities to reduce the demand for fresh water for aquaculture; reducing the water demand for pumping groundwater to maintain water temperature during cold damage; promotion of drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and plant workshops ; Review the farming system, strengthen the management of groundwater in the field, increase the scope of surface water irrigation areas; and promote the use of fallow or conversion (contract) cropping, afforestation and other low-water crops in the groundwater control zone during the dry season of rice fields; water conservation for animal husbandry, etc. , Reduce agricultural water demand. (Council of Agriculture)

B. Industrial throttling: Implement the industrial water use review mechanism, and guide the industry to promote water-saving measures in the process and plant areas. (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Technology, County and City Government)

C. People's livelihood reduction: continue to promote and guide public places, agencies, schools, companies, and family water-saving actions to establish a water-saving society. (Ministry of Economic Affairs)

   (2) Increase water source

A. Increasing the supply of surface water: develop surface water storage facilities such as reservoirs and artificial lakes, such as the downstream tap water project plan of Hushan Reservoir, the artificial lake of Niuzuitan, and the downstream tap water project plan of the artificial lake of Niuzitan, etc., to reduce the impact on people's livelihood and industry Dependence on groundwater.

B. Development of emerging water sources: seawater desalination, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage recycling (reclaimed water), rainwater storage, etc. (Ministry of Economic Affairs)