Strengthen management

(1) Activate the use of irrigation water sources: According to the available water sources and existing irrigation canal systems, etc., evaluate and expand the scope of the irrigation area of ​​the farmland water conservancy society, install agricultural ponds to increase the storage water source or adjust the pond to adjust the irrigation system, improve the irrigation water efficiency, etc.; agricultural irrigation Investigation and reuse of running water and return water. (Council of Agriculture)

(2) Water well (pumping volume) management: promote the management and filling of unregistered water right wells, and give priority to Yunzhang area. The groundwater control areas, counties and cities shall dispose of unregistered wells in order, and gradually implement the management of groundwater water rights. Continue to use groundwater resources. (Ministry of Economy, Agricultural Committee, County and City Government)

(3) Industrial development management: review the adjustment and adjustment of farming system farmland activation and utilization plans and stratum subsidence prevention and control benefits, and evaluate the relevant supporting measures. (Council of Agriculture)

(4) Land use management: handle land use zoning review, assist county and municipal governments in severe strata subsidence areas to formulate land control regulations for severe stratum subsidence areas and handle regional planning, and assist relevant units in handling overall and cross-domain Valuable land use planning, and cooperate with land use zoning changes to facilitate the transformation and development of the industry in the area. (Ministry of Interior, County and City Government)

(5) Continuous monitoring: Continuously carry out monitoring and investigation work such as groundwater level and stratum subsidence, so as to monitor the dynamics of stratum subsidence and groundwater level changes, and serve as the basis for the overall prevention and control work benefit evaluation. (Ministry of Economic Affairs)

(6) Amendment of laws and regulations: According to the needs of stratum subsidence prevention and control, the laws and regulations such as the Water Conservancy Law, Coastal Law, Land and Land Planning Law, General Regulations of Farmland Water Conservancy Organization and relevant incentives, etc. shall be revised to make the prevention and control work justified. (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, Agricultural Committee, County and City Government)(經濟部、內政部、農委會、縣市政府)