Territorial planning

(1)Homeland conservation

A. Review the superior land use policy and adjust the land use zoning reasonably according to the existing water supply conditions. (Ministry of Interior, County and City Government)

B. Implement land use management in areas with severe or subsidence; strengthen the investigation and management of illegal use of land in subsidence areas, etc., to avoid exacerbating the severity of subsidence or affecting major public construction functions. (Ministry of Interior, County and City Government)

(2) High-speed rail safety: Strengthen the land development plan along the high-speed rail and add load management, so as not to aggravate the differential settlement of the high-speed rail pier columns, which will affect the normal and sustainable operation of the high-speed rail. (Ministry of Communications, County and City Government)

(3) Flooding improvement: Continue to plan to set up flood control facilities, heighten river embankments, renovate drainage roads, add pumping stations and gates, flood detention ponds, etc., strengthen the protection of low-lying terrain or poorly drained settlements, and reduce the impact of quality of life. (Ministry of Economy, County and City Government)