Changhua Yunlin area stratum subsidence prevention plan (approved in 2005)

The Yunlin area of ​​Changhua is an important agricultural production area in Taiwan, with an irrigated area of ​​123,000 hectares, and agricultural water consumption accounts for about 90% of all available water in the Zhuoshui River Basin. However, due to factors such as surface water pollution, difficulty in developing water storage facilities, and increasing demand for domestic and industrial water, the current water source development plan can no longer take into account agricultural water demand. Therefore, in the case of increasing demand and insufficient supply, the water used by the various subjects in the Zhangyun area competes to pump groundwater for use.
Implementation area 
he scope of implementation of this project covers Changhua County Shengang Township, Xianxi Township, Hemei Township, Lugang Township, Fuxing Township, Xiushui Township, Fangyuan Township, Erlin Township, Puyan Township, Xihu Town, Dacheng Township, Zhutang Township, Pito Township, Beidou Township, Xizhou Township, Tianzhong Township, Ershui Township and Yunlin County Mailiao Township, Lunbei Township, Erlun Township, Xiluo Town, Yutong Township, Linnei Township, Taixi Township A total of 36 stratums, including Dongshi Township, Baozhong Township, Tuku Town, Huwei Town, Sihu Township, Yuanchang Township, Dayi Township, Dounan Town, Douliu City, Kouhu Township, Shuilin Township, Beigang Town, etc. The towns and cities that continue to sink, with a total area of ​​approximately 1,918 square kilom
Implementation schedule 
The implementation period of this plan is from 2005 to 2008 except for the work under the second phase of the plan from the date of approval to the end of December 2008. The project-based work implementation period is in principle from 2005 to 2008, but for the consideration of the nature of the work items And the required cooperation items are different, and the required processing schedules are different, and each organizer will plan the implementation schedule according to the work characteristics and actual needs.        
Prevention work 
This plan is based on the prevention and control countermeasures and work content of the second phase of the plan, with reference to the environmental characteristics and crux of the problem in the Zhangyun area. After evaluation, the prevention and control measures that can effectively prevent and improve the stratum subsidence in the region are negotiated by the central and local governments. Plan feasible work content. This plan is divided into two categories: "Regular business under the second phase of the plan or various agencies" and "project work plan".
Drive the process 
Project benefits 
1. Strengthen surface water source development and water use management, improve water use efficiency and reduce water demand, and effectively reduce the use of groundwater.
2. Promote the rational and balanced development of industries in the region and promote the sustainable use of water and soil resources.
3. Alleviate the severity of stratum subsidence in the Yunlin area and Changhua's urban and rural areas, and reduce the impact on the future operation of high-speed railways.