The second phase of groundwater conservation management and stratum subsidence prevention and control plan (2015-2020)

Project name: The second phase of the groundwater conservation management and stratum subsidence prevention and control project
Competent authority: Ministry of Economic Affairs
Approved date: June 5, 2005
Approved font size: Yuantaijingzi No. 1040028764
Project summary:
1. Goal:
(1) Continuous monitoring of groundwater and stratum subsidence to grasp the situation of groundwater environment.
(2) Strengthen groundwater management and reduce the amount of groundwater pumping.
(3) Continue to handle groundwater replenishment to protect the groundwater environment.
(4) Slow down stratum subsidence and reduce the flooding potential of severely subsided areas.
2. Content:
(1) Scope of implementation:
Taipei, Taoyuan, Yilan, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung and other counties and cities, as well as other counties (cities) that have been surveyed and assessed to have subsidence or areas that require groundwater conservation management.
(2) Main measures:
1. Continuous stratum subsidence related monitoring and investigation (promote the sustainable operation of groundwater observation network, grasp the change situation of regional groundwater resources, continue to manage and update the stratum subsidence inspection and monitoring system, strengthen the stratum subsidence warning and management information application)
2. Strengthen the management of water wells (handle well disposal operations, promote re-inspection and guidance of piped water wells, improve water well management, and implement pumping volume management)
3. Strengthen technology and administrative management (promoting prevention concepts and technologies, research and training related laws and regulations and operating regulations)
4. Strengthen groundwater recharge (continue to promote the handling of groundwater recharge facilities and plans, comprehensive review and evaluation of groundwater recharge benefits, and plan the overall plan for groundwater recharge)
3. Implementation period: 2005 to 2010.
4. Expenses: NT$2.229.44 million.
5. Expected benefits:
Through the cooperation of relevant ministries and the county and city governments, it is estimated that the reduction of stratum subsidence will be achieved in 2010: the significant subsidence of the whole station (the average annual subsidence rate exceeds 3 cm) is controlled within 235 square kilometers, and the maximum average subsidence rate of the stratum is controlled at 5 cm per year. Within.